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What people say about Polyverse

I appreciate everything about the time we had with Polyverse. They obviously love books, have a vision, and make the process clean and clear.
Chip Fenenga
Author & Illustrator
Thank you so much for your advice and assistance in establishing myself as a local author.
Brooks Firestone
State Assemblyman
Brilliant!! I much prefer the Polyverse route as my encounter with Amazon on their suggested book advert and sales was not productive at all.
Dr. William Agunwa
Author & Orthopedic Surgeon
An exceptionally conscientious and highly qualified publisher who strives to please their clients... We are very glad we decided to go with Polyverse.
Foranna, LLC.
Editing & Translation
Working with Polyverse Publishing has been an incredible experience. Louis guided us throughout the entire process, in such a positive way.
Julene Fenenga
Author & Illustrator
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Consulting Services

Publishing expert and business strategist Louis Force Torres will join you to identify industry opportunities, pinpoint strategic gap areas, contribute a timeline estimate, and analyze the potential effects of current and future creative trends on your project.

Trusted by multiple authors, artists, corporations, non-profit organizations and even other publishers, we will also review design concepts, domestic and international production options, and seek contractors as we prepare a strategy to make your project a reality.

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Strategy and Structural Analysis

Polyverse provides efficient and effective strategies for your project, whether is it in the early development stage or something that is already moving along. And if something is stuck? 

The tenants of the PIER Project Development system allow us to step in after an initial consultation session and develop a plan to move projects forward. We are experts in the art of creative problem solving, proactive projection, and non-linear thinking based around D. Franks’ model.

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Print and Design

Polyverse works with an international network of contractors and industry partners to provide options for our clients, and opportunities for our associates. We actively seek creative talent in many fields.

Need an illustrator for a children’s book? An artist for a custom cover? How about an E-book conversion, or an interior design from a 20+ year professional? Polyverse scouts for talented and inspired individuals at conventions, book fairs, indie book stores, and museums. We also work with multiple non-profit art centers to find emerging new talent.

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Events and Interviews

We are your dynamic partner and creative coach.This mentality results in an individualized development strategy to continue seeking opportunities for your project to grow.

If you require representation for your project or brand in a professional capacity, our founder, Louis Force Torres is extremely capable as an interviewer, negotiator, and business liaison. We are very comfortable in the field, in direct, in-person meetings, or international negotiations and have represented multiple business interests during an event or conference.