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Nov. 4th Event featuring Colin Finlay

Polyverse Publishing Group and Lantern Tree Books are proud to publish and present the work of Colin Finlay.

Colin Finlay is one of the foremost documentary photojournalists in the world and a four-time  Picture of The Year Award winner. In 2000, his news team won an Emmy award for the FOX documentary “Black & Brown: When Colors Collide,”  an exploration of interracial tensions between teenagers in Los Angeles.  In 1997, he took a first-place Issue Reporting Photography Award for his essay “Child Labor,” which was also nominated for the ICP’s prestigious  Infinity Award. His TIME Online multimedia essay, “Rickshaw Pullers,”  won first place in 1998 for Best Online Photography and also took the  South East Asia Journalism Award. 

Join us for a conversation with Colin as we unveil his 35-year career through his personal journals, documenting the sacrifices and inspiration that it took to capture the iconic images and pure moments that have been featured in galleries, museums, magazines and much more.

November 4th. 4:00-6:00

The event will begin at Lantern Tree Books at 4:00 PM and continue until around 6:00. Drinks will be had afterward, with a screening of the award winning Heart’s Road  documentary at the Alcazar Theater to follow, in partnership with the FlyWheel Forum & Festival organization.


Welcome to Author Willie Scott

Welcome to young adult author, Willie Scott. He joins the Polyverse with a four part dragon adventure taking an alternate history and adding… Dragons! Xander the Last is a planned four volume set – culminating in a box set with custom art! Keep an eye on Polyverse for updates!

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Author & nurse

Tenley Force

Tenley Force is an author, disaster response nurse, and nursing instructor based in Southern California. Her first book, New: Nursing and the Art of Being Human, is already changing the way nurses interact with each other in both their professional and private lives.

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Author & illustrator

Joy Peterson

Joy Peterson  grew up as a ‘book loving kid’ in sunny southern California. An elementary school teacher and an elementary Assistant Principal for 20 years, inspiring children to be joyful readers that love books.

A man with a beard and shirt on.

Dustin Hoiseth

Dustin Hoiseth is the author of the psychological suspense novel, Nothing But Words. His depiction of an author’s angst growing into a literal, literary monster proves a compelling insight into a writer’s mind.

A man with long hair and beard wearing a jacket.


Benjamin Bartee is a travel writer and ex-pat English teacher. His adventures and philosophy are brought to life in his collection of travel writings: Broken English Teacher. 

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Author & Publisher

Ania Sandermoen

Ania is a publisher and author based in Switzerland. Her incredible story of growing up as a child in a Russian cult is documented in the her powerful book, The Cult in My Grandmother’s House, from Sandermoen Publishing.

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Author & Photographer


Colin Finlay is a creative visionary who traveled the world for 30-years photographing the darkest and most beautiful aspects of mankind. Experience his incredible, one-of-a-kind, journey through a collection of novels, essays, and photographs.

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Author & Designer


Charles Healey is the author of Santa Rosa Island: a Photographic Panorama, a collection of private photographs documenting the last ranching family on Santa Rosa Island.

A man and a woman posing for a photograph while holding a book named “The Story Tree”

Chip & Julene Fenega

Chip & Julene Fenenga are the co-authors of the new heartfelt children’s book, The Story Tree, celebrating Christmas and family, from Santa Ynez, CA. 

A man in a white shirt standing next to a tree.

Efren Stat

Guy Galzerano, otherwise known by his pen name Efren Stat, is the author of the environmentally forward, punk/fantasy novel, The Hollows, from Santa Barbara, CA.

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Author & illustrator

Rebecca Davis

Rebecca Davis is the author of contemporary, nature-based children’s books Wall Dolphin and The Little Pika.

A man with white hair standing on the beach.

Timothy McGlue

Tim Warren McGlue is from the Great Lakes and lives in France. He has always been fascinated in his Ojibwe ancestry, and the oral history of the Native Americans. 

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Brooks Firestone

Brooks Firestone is a rancher, winemaker, assemblyman, and the author of both Evensong and The Valley Animals Collection from Santa Ynez, California.

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Teona Tone was a mystery writer, horsewoman, and private eye! Her daughter, Jessica Schley collaborated with her mother on the updated special edition of Full Cry for 2023.

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Teri Harmon

Teri Harmon is a philanthropist and the author of the tense witness protection thriller, The Sacrificial Deal.

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Dr. William Agunwa

Dr. Agunwa is an experienced world traveler, an orthopedic surgeon, and author of several titles, from Hampshire, England. 

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Author & Illustrator

Barbara Johnson

BJ is a retired teacher and the author/illustrator behind the acclaimed children’s book, Amad the Moroccan Tree Goat.

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Carlos Lomeli

Carlos Lomeli is a private chef and Spanish speaker. His book, Colors of Santa Barbara is a bilingual coloring book featuring his favorite SB landmarks, and is a delight for children and adults alike! 

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Iris Hart

Iris Hart is the content editor and narrator of The Countess’s Diary. Based in France her passion for art also come through in her personal life.

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John Stelnicki

John Stelnicki is a retired translator, editor, and the direct descendant of Countess Anna, based in San Fransisco, California.

A woman with glasses and blonde hair wearing a black shirt.
Author & illustrator

Marci Kladnik

Marci Kladnik is the author of the animal based Maggie Adopts a Kitten children’s series set in Los Alamos, California.