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As I watch people walk down the street, I imagine a spiral galaxy of creative potential swirling around their heads. If we can inspire, and find the right opportunities, each of these universes can join together through story. We can become a polyverse.

Louis Force Torres

Founder & CEO, Polyverse Publishing Group

Rincon Radio interviews Polyverse founder
New Authors

Fleurie Lecercq of Snow Flower Books

Meet children’s author, Fleurie Lecercq, founder of Snow Flower Books.

She grew up in the village of Yaounde, Cameroon in Africa. Her first book, Snow Flower and the Panther, was a way to showcase her African culture through the eyes of a young girl living day to day with pride in her heritage and community. Fleurie’s stories explore what it means to grow up with a true village mentality: understanding the value of togetherness, kindness, and sharing your purpose with those around you.

Snow Flower Books envisions a future of self-expression, unconditional love, and balance between people and the planet. Join us on our mission to empower children of all backgrounds to discover their inner-light and share it with the world in order to make it a more kind and beautiful place. And remember: it takes a village; so spread the love.

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News & Articles

Save the sheet music!

Bookchurch’s program to save sheet music! Bookchurch volunteers sorted through over 200-music books and donation boxes, sorting by instrument and style to more effectively donate

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Box of used birding guides and reference books.

Books for the Birds

Books for the Birds! A collection of international bird books and guides ranging over the last 100-years. Director of the Western Foundation, Dr. Linnea Hall

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‘One for All’ reading programs

  New Fundraising Programs for Bookchurch, the non-religious, non-profit arm of Polyverse Publishing Group. The volunteers have been working tirelessly to reduce book donation waste

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