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Polyverse Publishing is an independent publishing house that utilizes a network of creatives, designers, editors, printers and translators to develop and grow stories. With a background in international publishing, and an active outreach program, we find solutions and trends ahead of the industry.

Combined with Lantern Tree Books, a brick-and-mortar bookstore and literary community center located in Carpinteria, CA, and Bookchurch, our non-religious, non-profit, dedicated to reducing book waste, Polyverse has become a multi-faceted organization.

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Lantern Tree Presents:
Colin Finlay - Nov. 4th, 2023

Polyverse Publishing Group and Lantern Tree Books are proud to publish and present the work of Colin Finlay.

Colin Finlay is one of the foremost documentary photojournalists in the world and a four-time  Picture of The Year Award winner. In 2000, his news team won an Emmy award for the FOX documentary “Black & Brown: When Colors Collide,”  an exploration of interracial tensions between teenagers in Los Angeles.  In 1997, he took a first-place Issue Reporting Photography Award for his essay “Child Labor,” which was also nominated for the ICP’s prestigious  Infinity Award. His TIME Online multimedia essay, “Rickshaw Pullers,”  won first place in 1998 for Best Online Photography and also took the  South East Asia Journalism Award. 

Join us for a conversation with Colin as we unveil his 35-year career through his personal journals, documenting the sacrifices and inspiration that it took to capture the iconic images and pure moments that have been featured in galleries, museums, magazines, and much more.

The event will begin at Lantern Tree Books at 4:00 PM and continue until around 6:00. Drinks will be had afterward, with a screening of the award winning Heart’s Road documentary at the Alcazar Theater to follow, in partnership with the FlyWheel Forum & Festival organization.

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