Polyverse Publishing


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Creator/ Owner

Louis Force Torres

Louis founded Polyverse Publishing in 2021 as an independent publisher, business consultant, and book strategist.

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Amy Plesetz

An avid reader and expert biologist, Amy is an active and engaged acquisitions editor, essential in marketing and cover design.

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Claire Nuttall

With a degree in English focused specifically on editing, Claire is a detail  oriented editor specializing in both content editing and proofing.

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proof reading

Steve Larios

A linguistics expert focused on cyrllic languages, Steve moved to Carpinteria after a military career. He also volunteers time with Bookchurch.org.

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Desirae Braga

Desirae lived and studied in Granada, Spain, finishing her Spanish and Environmental Majors upon returning to Sonoma State. She has been translating for the Resource Conservation District and a welcome addition to the team.

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Rare & antique books

Ivan Volkoff

A Member Emeritus of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers, the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America, and the Verband Deutscher Antiquare, Ivan is our go-to expert in book binding and evaluation.

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European Consultant

Lana Ivanova

Lana Ivanova is a communication coach, business trainer, TEDx speakers’ mentor. After leaving the organizational consulting sphere, she now helps people find their unique communication style and express themselves openly.

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Hannah Smith

Hannah is a student at Brigham Young University, majoring in both Linguistics and Arabic. She spent over a year serving as a missionary in Poland, and learning Polish. She is now assisting Polyverse with translation projects.

*Polyverse Group also works with a robust list of contractors & freelancers, including artists, designers, and specialists.