Polyverse Publishing

Publishing Group

Polyverse Publishing is a Hybrid-Publisher, offering services, packages, and direction in the confusing world of self-publishing, production, and print-on-demand companies.

Polyverse Group is a combination of an indie publishing house, book donation non-profit, and a brick-and-mortar bookstore.

By combining the creativity of an independent with the professionalism and expertise of an international publishing directorship, we succeed where others do not.

Polyverse specializes in top-quality book design. We offer options that other publishers don’t, and believe that the feel, weight, and quality of the book itself will tell a story before a reader even gets to the first page.


International Experience, Independent Passion

About the Founder

Growing up, Polyverse Founder, Louis Force Torres read everything he could find. He wrote, drew, and created stories. Money earned from mowing lawns went to the local bookstore to buy his favorite series – followed by editing the yearbook from 8th-12th grade.

After college, Louis studied cultural storytelling, mythology, and writing, before becoming Director of Publishing for an international business and leadership school. There he specialized in dual language contracts, content modernization, and distribution of over 200+ titles and formats across 52 countries and 22 languages.

In 2021 Louis decided to expand on his creative ambitions by founding Polyverse Publishing. As the leader of an independent publishing house, a business consultant, and book strategist, Louis now works with authors, artists, non-profits, and other publishing organizations to develop title catalogues, creative projects, and organize brands.

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