Polyverse Publishing

The Polyverse Publishing Packages

Like other hybrid publishers, Polyverse Publishing offers our primary publishing package for $6,000.

And we offer more than that!

With a network of artists, animators, musicians, calligraphers, and other creatives, Polyverse works across creative industries to create book-related merchandise, art books, games, instruction manuals, graphic novels, and more. Check out the optional services section for more details!

Services include:

The Polyverse Publishing Package

Polyverse Publishing offers an all-inclusive publishing package for $6,000.

Production services include:

  • High-end custom cover design
  • Unique ISBN identifier and barcode.
  • Custom interior design and layout
  • Proofreading and copy editing
  • Digital conversion to the most modern E-book
  • Title filing with the US Copyright Office and Library of Congress

Distribution services include:

  • Global distribution
  • Order fulfillment through our brick-and-mortar and online bookstore.
  • Warehousing for small-batch print runs (included free for the first year.)
  • Metadata and SEO  management & set-up
  • Digital distribution through over 100+ retailers including Kindle, Kobo, Nook and iTunes.
A couple of pages from the book, henry.
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Ready to get started?

Optional Services

Polyverse Publishing offers specific services to build your project.

Custom Art & Design:

  • Custom cover art specialized for all book types.
    • Interior art for children’s books and graphic novels.
    • Specialized art assets including page breaks and page numbering elements.
    • Custom lettering, including chapter headings, numbers, and drop caps.


    • Custom production for third parties and other publishers.
    • Digitization of physical books.

    Project Consulting:

    • Book development overview, offering a clear roadmap for how to best produce and publish your project.
    • Written strategy report and guide for your project.