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It’s the time of year again when entrees are in, and the judges get ready to read a slough of stories based on the assigned category. Soon the first wave of books will arrive, and the reading begins.

An amazing contest of content, the BF Awards are a great way to get exposure if you win and an excellent way to get advice on your current and future titles from impartial experts in the publishing field.

Polyverse and Bookchurch.org founder Louis Torres was asked about the contest, and while he didn’t reveal which category he is judging, he did mention this will be his fourth year of judging in a row.

“The IBPA is easily one of the best resources/ memberships I have come across in my 7+ years in the industry. The benefits alone pay for themselves (if you’re active, then in less than 2 months)…”

“When there is a contest within such a trusted organization, I generally tell my clients about it. It’s up to them if they want to enter it.”

“While there can only be a Gold, Silver, and Bronze winner in each category, an author or publisher can enter into several applicable categories. They even have an audiobook division. As judges, we are encouraged to give beneficial feedback to all entrants in our category – so, at the very least, you will receive information on the strengths and weaknesses of your title.”

During Covid, the awards ceremonies went online. Now that things are back on track, there will be a physical event. Keep checking the IBPA website for more information – and if you are getting a book published in 2023 – consider entering your title in the next Benjamin Franklin Book Awards next Fall!

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