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Books for the Birds

Box of used birding guides and reference books.
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Books for the Birds!

Box of used birding guides and reference books.
A collection of international bird books and guides ranging over the last 100-years.
Director of the Western Foundation, Dr. Linnea Hall and Bookchurch Board Member, Amy Plesetz.

In a new partnership with the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, Bookchurch.org donated a collection of 50-60 books including bird guides, species guides, and regional ornithology books to the largest egg museum in North America!

“In our ongoing efforts to reduce book waste, we collected a full box of bird guides, reference material, and out-of-print books specifically on ornithology. Due to previous work with the Western Foundation it was obvious where these books needed to go,” says Bookchurch Director Louis Force Torres.

“An organization as devoted to the preservation of such specific knowledge pairs perfectly with our mission to save books,” Louis continued. “In fact it helps to really have organizations like the Western Foundation, Apples-to-Zucchini Cooking School, Wilderness Youth Foundation, as we can set aside specific books for them. It removes the question of ‘where should/ could these books go?'”

The nest collection is the largest collection of its kind in the world, and the egg collection also is one of the largest collections in the world, joined by the British Museum of Natural History.
More than 400 different collections have been incorporated into the holdings of the WFVZ. Thus, the collections of the WFVZ today include more than 250,000 sets of eggs with data, 18,000 nests, and 56,000 bird study skins.

Dr. Linnea Hall is the Director of the Western Foundation. She stopped by the soon to open, Lantern Tree Books, in Carpinteria, CA to pick up the book donations. Her plan is to use them as a resource for both the museum staff and interns in their research to learn more about birds both inside and outside California.

Dr. Hall also mentioned that bird guides and professional material were not often available at most bookstores in the area. Lantern Tree Books plans to have plenty nature based guides on-hand as well as the ability to special order content for all your birding and biological needs.

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