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New Fundraising Programs for Bookchurch, the non-religious, non-profit arm of Polyverse Publishing Group. The volunteers have been working tirelessly to reduce book donation waste since the non-profits inception in 2022.

As we work to combat the endemic problems with standard book donation programs, we also work to pinpoint and develop programs that will help everyone read. After being approached by multiple organizations we have begun to develop several new campaigns for Bookchurch 2024.

The ABA (American Bookseller Association), IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association), ELF (Empowering Latino Futures), and Santa Barbara Arts & Cultures have all spoken with the Bookchurch team about the need for new translation goals in 2024. In fact, multiple programs are in the works to help supply readers with books in their languages – and at their reading levels.

For Spanish in particular there are many more children’s books that are translated – but as the children learn English, they begin to read only in English – the need for young adult and adult translations wanes, and there is a lack of content. This leaves many young adult and adult native Spanish speakers without content.

Many organizations that operate as representatives of the publishing industry have also noticed this trend when applied to those who may be behind in their reading level – perhaps because of a disability such as ADHD, Dyslexia, etc. Bookchurch has been researching this concept with printers and publishers since the start of 2023 and with its work with the Readium Foundation (the progenitors of the modern eBook and ePub file type.)

It is especially important that a person is engaged with what they read. Someone with a disability may be behind in their reading level – but what they are reading should still speak to their age group and interests. A young adult will not want to read a book meant for a toddler for example. There is a need for accesibility at ALL levels.

In addition to the book donations and collections, Bookchurch is now raising funds to translate books into other languages and add ADA-compliant accessibility to as many titles as possible through its ‘One For All’ program. The name is derived from the famous quote:

Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno or All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.

Stay engaged with Bookchurch to follow the progress of these campaigns!

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